Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Anna's movement today

While the goal of India against corruption movement was for getting a strong, independent and accountable Lokpal, its purpose was to galvanize the people to fight for their rights. While the goal is still incomplete, the purpose of raising the consciousness of the people against corruption has been extremely successful.

Movements are not about quick victory or loss. It is a continuous process of raising voice against injustice and an oppressive and dysfunctional system. If one studies the major movements all over the world, they are long-drawn and consists of waves and momentum in their popularity. To take an example, Mahatma Gandhi, back from South Africa, started the first campaign against British misrule in Champaran in 1917. India got independence in 1947. It took the nation 30 years of intense struggle and sacrifice of millions to gain independence from the British who at least had a nation to retreat. We are fighting an equally entrenched and probably more vicious system manned by people who do not even have the luxury of retreating into another nation. So, the struggle is going to be more intense.

I have been travelling and meeting people around the nation thisitself one more time and in larger force. The movementis not just what is visible on the roads or on TV screens year and I see the same, if not more, palpable anger and determination to transform the nation in the eyes and words of the common people. Though there is a definite feeling that the corrupt forces have outfoxed and outmanouvered the will of the nation, it seems temporary - till the will of the people asserts again . The movement is in the hearts and minds of people. What one saw on the streets of the nation is just the manifestation of that anger. And that manifestation will be visible again and again as the movement takes a decisive and more intense turn.

If you study the independence struggle, we would realise that there used to be large gaps between each agitation of Gandhiji. Sometimes 6 years, sometimes 8 and between the agitation in 1930 and the Quit India movement of 1942 - the gap was 12 years. And our movement had 3 agitations in less than a year. Between these agitations, there used to be lots of organizational structuring works as well as constructive activities like social and cultural transformations. So, there is a need to create a strong organization right down to villages and mohallas. Thus,we need to slow down and regroup.

The first phase of the movement is now over. The supporters and volunteers in this phase came on their own, without any organization or structure. The mood of the nation against corruption was built for the past five years, by Baba Ramdev's constant reminders every day, by a proactive judiciary led by Sarosh Kapadia, vibrant, incessant and loud reporting by the media and of course, the in-your-face corruption by CWG, 2G and the Raja and Kalmadi gang. In this mood, once  IAC came with a solution "Jan Lokpal", the nation erupted in an unprecendent anti-corruption movement.

For the second phase, now we need to create
1. An organizational nation- wide structure. Surely not a heirarchical structure with posts, positions and perks, but an identification of the people who have been associated in the movement and who are capable.
2. Two way Communication between IAC decision makers and its supporters.
3. Constructive work for social reforms

The forces that want status quo will try its utmost. But over 90% of India want change. Status quo is not acceptable. India will assert its collective voice again and again, till it becomes not the largest democracy but the best.


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Pankaj Jain said...

So True Mayank Sir, the war is on, will take time, we need to spread the word

Kuldeep Dwivedi said...

Good plans. Organization has to be improved.

Unknown said...

well the stats you have put down, is something just enough to prevent us from getting demotivated. But believe me, gone are the days of gandhi and his struggle, we are not fighting against an external power. its within us and we cant be complacent looking at these facts.

Unknown said...

Dear Mayank,When sheshan was fighting to mcleance the system,he at that time realised that corruption has such deep roots in India that he said these words in despair "Nothing can be done of India.It is gone to dogs".But with a leader like Anna & the team of dedicated workers like you,I-net,people's pent up anger has all gone well for the movement.Everywhere people are coming on roads with coviction & courage against injustice.With the change in people's attitude, leaders will have no other option than rally behind.I am optimistic.

Vishal said...

Correct Observation Mayank... mirrors my views almost exactly. It is not possible to sustain the anti-corruption movement at the levels of August-11, as I had earlier marked in my mail to IAC. People need to get on with their lives, and need to recharge.

The need of the hour is building contact, and increasing awareness among the people along various objectives like harmful impact of bribery etc etc.

Sahil Jain said...

Very well written Mayank ji...

Keep motivating young IAC Volunteers like me....

Anonymous said...

all the best

DS said...

Dear Mayank ji:

You are doing commendable work. Keep it up.

However I think there should be united efforts on many fronts. I am happy to know that Anna ji has joined Swami Ramdevji. And Subramaniam Swamy ji and his whole team of 15 members of ACACI (Action Committee Against Corruption in India) is with Swami Ramdev ji's efforts. So as perhaps yours.

Do you really think unless our people are educated rightly we are going to get expected results any sooner? This is bound to happen, it is just a matter of time. If you want, I can share with you what kind of Education we should have in India or anywhere in the world.

someone's dad said...

Agree with you in TOTO. What this movement now needs is second and third rung leadership like that provided by the Congress during Independence movement. This could be the first step towards enrolling paying members like the Four annas membership drive that was started during Twenties. This will not only give a sense of belonging to the people but will also help finance the movement. Good Luck and all the Best.

Anonymous said...

Whats today's scenario:
a. The Political class is unusually (not really unusual but expected)united in not permitting the Jan Lokpal, or for that matter any bill which will enforce transparency in public life, irrespective of what is in the interests of the man on the street! Its the politician's self interest..which has to be first served, not the man who has elected him.

b. The average man on the street, who is fighting for his economic survival, is utterly disillusioned by the political class, and is helpless ...

So, in this impasse, what does the common man do? (i) be part of this 'loot' (ii) protest and face victimization at the hands of the institution on account of his questioning ? or (iii)just stand by and watch his country being systematically looted at the hands of the political class..?

I would use the RTI act to continuously unearth more and more ..

Manish said...

A slight disagreement with you, Mayank, when you write in the last line of the second paragraph that struggle is going to long. I think that just because the movement has originated from the people and there are more than one reason for the search of the soul of this nation, right from poverty elimination,to climate change(yea, even this connects up, when the environment ministry comes into action), to economic gap happening, to rising crime rate, to nature of crime, and deteriorating psychological health of the citizens, to the cricket match fixing, to terrorism , to naxalism, to reservation practices, and so on and so forth, ,..and because the enemy is not an outsider this time, we can get to the answers faster than before.
We need to figure out the route by which these all problems are presently being sprouted from the misgovernance, either because of the helpless-ness of the people who are in the know of the causes of the problem and their solutions, or because the real problems are being avoided/or getting oversighted because of the trap of corruption laid before the entire society.

The route to quicker access will lighten up. 21st century may not afford time gaps as huge as 30 years to us to reach to the right solutions of the problems faced by humanity.

Unknown said...

yes we will fight against the corrupt system and bring a change

kuch juda hone ko hai-THE DAYS TO COME
is andhere ki nihaan se ,phir sehar hone ko hai
raat ke is gehan garbh se phir subah hone ko hai

inquilaab ki yeh aandhi na rukegi na thamegi,teri kismat meri kismat
phir meherbaan hone ko hai
har shehar ki har gali mein yeh silsila hone ko hai

hain jo haakim ab bhi gumaan mein unko saza hone ko hai
ho rahe hain jo sikander,ab woh fana hone ko hai

tha jo gardish mein sitara,ab wo giraan hone ko hai
ro raha tha jo samandar phir khushnuma hone ko hai
dhoop se tapta registaan ab
phir gulsitaan hone ko hai

rang raunak ke mahal ab
kabr-gaah hone ko hai
ho gayi hai inteha ab
phir ibteda hone ko hai

ho gaya hai yug purana,phir naya hone ko hai
ram krishna ki woh gaatha,phir bayaan hone ko hai
kho gaya tha jo khiza mein ab woh ayaan hone ko hai
ab khuda ke is jahan mein kuch juda hone ko hai
Posted by ram manohar at 04:43

jagdish Fadnavis said...

dear mayankji

we must carry on this movement till it's logical conclusion..whole nation barring vested inrested people is looking at Anna's Movement.. Let us plan methodically come what may..we all are behind anna's goal

Unknown said...

Dear Mayanka Ji, Nice article. Thanks.Anyway Congrats for One year of Successful IAC movement. Just few things to highlight:

We can't afford to wait too long as pre Independence days.

Target should be 2014 Parl election.(So by Year 2019 atleast 70% to 80% change is reflected in our society..)

Now IAC has to move to next level of massive awareness campaign in Media continuously- The need of the hour is to increase awareness among the common people along various objectives like harmful impact of bribery etc etc.

IAC Yearly Awards can be created and candidates to receive awards to be nominated by a committee consisting of eminent personalities.

By Next Parl election, IAC should be in a strong position to recommend suiatble candidates in the fray so that people have clear choice.

Girish Krishnani said...

Sir.. agree with you... keep guiding us.. things will change for better

Anonymous said...

well put analysis..

The movements' success is judged not on the achievement of its goals but on the awareness it creates..

The movements became a part of our independence struggle ... with the similar pious means and in hope of a good governance...

this has ignited the minds, now the darkness is about to vanish..

Anonymous said...

1.Every possibility of mid-term polls
2.For every plan,an alternative?
4.Synergy of like minded leaders
5.To identify 544 top candidates
6.IAC to seek help of etc.
7.Team Anna designs'job-description'
8.Shortlist 544 candidates for LS

Stanley said...

Dear Mayank Sir, Absolutely yes, But those Days Of Our Father Gandhiji's era were totally hand written or typed and distance cowered was on foot, and it took sometimes 6 years or 8 years to communicate with people, now for any change it is on tip of our fingers, message goes at lightning speed, The Corrupt people must see that they don't rely on past system, because today it will take seconds to reach every corner and every people, for the Corrupt a clear message to be given that they will not hide for too long, The Laws of the Country must be treated with respect, under strong and effective JAN LOKPAL, every Corrupt Officials must be accountable for the country and be booked for crimes against Nation, No Matter where they Hide, Honest Citizens will be after them in seconds than in olden Days, Today we have 85% of India is under painful conditions for survival needs, The best part to remain calm is because people did become immune to atrocities and crimes every day, Our Government Care takers were acting in disguise to make bad money, The Answer today we have it after 64 years of Self reliant which happened to be total defunct, as a result today to recover from such failure is a very big daunting task, Our First and foremost focus will be to bring back India's wealth, which will bring some firsthand stability within, and break the back bone of fundamentalist or wrong doer's, The good news is that Mafia did sense danger's and have started to run, some of them are taking Government official's such as Our Police personal along with goons hired by people linked to all this mess, to tarnish our Image, they tried on our Respected Leader ANNA HAZARE, Sir,ARVIND KEJRIWAL,Even KIRAN BEDI, recent one to list was Sir,MAYANK GANDHI,but could not succeed, it is out for everyone to see, that between the two face of evil, The best part of IAC and Alike that they are committed to national cause to do things better and serve people with dignity and Love, Vande Mataram, Jai Hind

sunil281 said...

Nice Article and analysis there Mr Mayank. But I dont see any action coming from Delhi IAC, regarding Nation wide Organisational Structure and two way communication between IAC decision makers and its supporters. With long drawn battle against corruption these two steps are immeditely needed. Time is running out fast and am worried if we delay further we will loose the grip of the movement.
Sunil Lal