Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Anjali's sms to Gadkari on 14th Aug

Hello Mr Gadkari,
My baba (father) was in RSS and as a kid I had always heard the prayer “Namaste Sada Vatsale Matrubhmi, twayaa Hindu bhoome sukham vardhitoham” The tune, the lyrics so pure..were very close to my heart & I always felt I could do so much because of my principles in life were that of RSS. This morning when I met you, my faith was simply rocked.

How can my opposition party president have such close links with ruling party & WHY? For the sake of business? Are you supposed to do business or be our politician & work for the betterment of my country? Where is
DESH, DESHSEVA ?? Up in thin air? Compromise & seat sharing with NCP? With those who are fleecing the poor, terrorizing the farmers… Why ?

For power? Or for money?

Our RSS prayer used to teach us to bow down to our motherland, to the cause . We prayed to almighty to bless us with purity of character , spiritual bliss & lead this nation to highest pinnacle of glory, Have you forgotten the prayer or you chose to forget?

Today I step down from all
my activities. Step down from the fight against corruption cause this is a hopeless fight. I have nothing more to say… God bless my country


Anonymous said...

Mayank Gandi is one shrewd chameleon whose political ambitions were known even before the fight for jan lokpal began. He successfully destroyed the JLP movement in mumbai single handed , must have had taken money from politicians for doing so like they took money for selling the redevelopment project. Not only he betrayed Anna but also the thousands of people in mumbai who had joined the lokpal movement and now feel cheated.

Anonymous said...

If Anjali Damania really submitted papers declaring herself to be a farmer(which she is not) she has no right to question others. Will IAC-Mumbai demand registration of FIR and investigation in case of Anjali Damania also?

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Unknown said...

the opposition leader should not have said "wo khush, hum khush, kise problem hai? chalne do jo chal raha hai..." this attitude really breks down courageous people like anjali. and now remains the question of her rights to ask question... then why cant she? is it written anywhere that if representatives fail doing there job... every one else should do the same? earning bread- butter for your family and raising finger on others is the only job Indian's know (very sad), and in that case people like anjali lose their hopes.