Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fact behind the false allegations

During the election campaign Mayank Gandhi was approached by a young female volunteer from his constituency with a complaint of harassment by a male colleague. Without going into any details of the case, based on his strong support to women and belief in ensuring a good work place environment for them, Mayank Gandhi without hesitation suspended the male volunteer immediately. He then connected the young lady to Preeti Sharma Menon, member of the national committee on sexual harassment. Preeti had a brief conversation with the lady and asked her to file a police complaint. The girl was reticent so Preeti promised her an internally inquiry. Many local volunteers too told the girl to file a police complaint but she was not willing. Preeti mentioned the case to the National Committee on Sexual harassment and then asked the Maharashtra State Grievance Redressal Committee (GRC) to conduct an inquiry under the Vishakha guidelines. The inquiry in under progress.

It is shocking that the same lady has today turned the harassment case into a molestation case and has chosen to file a complaint in which she has falsely alleged that Mayank Gandhi threatened her to refrain from filing a complaint at the police. It is to be noted that she HAS NOT ALLEGED ANY HARASSMENT OR MOLESTATION against Mayank Gandhi or any member of AAP.

AAP has advised the police to do a thorough investigation against the accused and punish him thoroughly if found guilty. But we are shocked and dismayed that the police could so easily include the name of national political leaders in a case without a shred of evidence. The police has admitted that the case against Mayank Gandhi is limited to the allegation that he prevented the victim from lodging a complaint (which is anyway false). They have also promised a fair investigation and strict action if the case if proven as false.

AAP is a party that has encouraged women participation, especially in Maharashtra where Mayank Gandhi and Praful Vora created an atmosphere that encourage Anjali Daminia, Medha Patkar, Meera Sanyal and many other women to take centre stage. It is a shame that political motives of some MLA aspirants are trying to destroy the only party that truly stands for gender justice


Vicky said...

Sir, you will come clean. Although I am not a AAP supporter, but that doesn't prohibit me supporting your fight.
All the very best.

Anonymous said...

Sir, its unfortunate that a man of your character is attacked for political gains. I loath and curse the political vultures behind this. Full power to you sir. it hurts us more than it hurts you.

Praful Vora said...

This motivated FIR hurts Karyakarta MORE than it hurts YOU.
Such action hurts WOMEN RIGHTS badly. Not one case in my 15 yrs of activism and now this. Always taught a degree of assertiveness and confidence to Women. Tried to make them comfortable in Activism. Hundreds therefore joined.

Now instead of HARRASER, my FPG is blamed. Instigater hiding and writing cheap prose. :)

Now hv confirmation fm DCP for early investigation.


Shriram Bhargaw said...


Rakesh Joshi said...

Sir,Unfortunately everyone, be it Shanti Bhushan,Prashant Bhushan,Yogendra Yadav,Sanjay Singh,Ashish Khetan, last but not the least, you yourself,are going in public and damaging the party on the name of morality and conscious.You have also not failed in opening a can of worms and we volunteers have become the victim of your ego hassles. Very very sad..

Benefits and Drawbacks said...

AAP is too good an idea to get wasted due to few bad decisions.

Anonymous said...

It is great that you think that volunteers can not be taken out of the equation, and hence you have shared the essence of what transpired.

But I can not understand why you were part of the endeavour suppress information from the public until elections were over ! So it is OK to take the voters out of the equation ?

The citizens of Delhi have stood by IAN and AAP and created this movement. Without them each of you individually and collectively are nothing. Try to create something like this in Mumbai and show your mettle.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gandhi

Why are you being a quite watcher till now .This all you could have told before the election . That means all of you including Kejriwal are big time politicians . Any way we all know Kejriwal is one of the worst person .who can cut anyone for the position

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well done..these are good sign for a political party to flourish.. Leaders need to take responsibility, that is why we are different for AAPian Ideas are more importamt than people

Anonymous said...

As a human I expect good for you however bad u r.

It is not fair for you to take others for ride due to u r personal motives. Dreams of millions are more important then u , me or any one else. Especially the poor person who cant even write back to u.

If you are not happy dude u must move on.
Dont be spoil sport for others.

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