Friday, October 2, 2015

Where is Swaraj?- Maharashtra AAP dissolution

The politics that we had come to change seems to have changed us. We used to say and feel that “We have no option but to enter the gutter of politics, to clean it”, I think that the gutter has overpowered some.

The idealism that made us quit our jobs and make sacrifices for the nation is still burning within many of us. Whenever the party digresses from the founding principles, I shall continue to raise my voice – first within the party and if no one hears, then only speak out publicly, whatever the consequences.

First time I spoke out was when YY and PB were expelled. In a party, people come and go – there was no problem with their being voted out, democratically. I was uncomfortable about the manner in which they were removed, but I expressed my view by abstaining from voting. But, it was when the NE decided that nothing should be reported outside, that I felt that the cardinal principle of transparency was being compromised and my conscience did not allow me to keep quiet and hence I wrote that blog. Some leaders felt that the 20 members of the NE were the only party, while my view was that the lakhs of volunteers, supporters, donors and well wishers comprised the REAL party and not informing them by putting a gag order was wrong. These leaders felt that I had betrayed them by writing the blog, while my view was that, by not writing and informing, I would have betrayed the REAL party.

So, the blog was neither in support of YY/ PB nor against AK. It was my first public stand against the compromise on our principles.

By this time, some volunteers and office bearers in Maharashtra realized that Delhi was upset with me and started building a small group of disgruntled volunteers (many of those who did not find place in the new committees made by Mission Vistaar(MV)). They started conspiring against the new Maharashtra teams, supported and encouraged by Delhi. The new Maharashtra and Mumbai committees constituted by the Delhi team, were functioning very well, increasing the volunteer base, taking up major people-centric issues with the Anti-Corruption Helpline, Shetkari Yatra, AAP ka Sanwad and many similar activities (Soon we shall publish the list of all works done by Maharashtra team in the past few months). While, we had heard of these attempts, we refused to believe that in a party like ours, such conspirators would succeed. More so, because Maharashtra committee led ably by Subhash Ware was working very well and we felt that instead of sucking up to Delhi, our role should be to keep on working on the ground and building the party.

The State Executive (SE) was united and principled. After the YY and PB expulsion, it wrote to Arvind Kejriwal, that the SE was pained and hurt at the way they were expelled and that the party should introspect and try to bring them back. That must have hurt some “leaders”. But, the independent view of the SE had to be said.

There was a National Executive meeting that transpired over the phone on 1st April 2015, where it was decided that all writings, blogs, tweets that show the party in a bad light should be sent henceforth to the Disciplinary Committee. But writings prior to 20th March should be condoned. I had conceded in my first blog as well as in a subsequent letter to Arvind that I had broken discipline by breaking the gag order. In this NE, my blog was mentioned and decided that no disciplinary action should be taken on me as the blog was prior to 20th March.

On  23rd June 2015, Pankaj Gupta and Ashutosh from the Delhi team visited Mumbai and a few other places of Maharashtra to meet volunteers. They expressed satisfaction that in both Mumbai and rest of Maharashtra, there was lot of positive work done and except for a few disgruntled people, the team and leadership were solid and growing in the correct manner. They also requested the disgruntled few to give their specific objections and suggestions, which is still to come.

Next day (24th June), we had a Maharashtra State Executive meeting attended by Pankaj Gupta and Ashutosh in Mumbai. In that meeting, I conveyed to them on behalf of the SE that the extreme focus on Kejriwal in every advertisement and debate to the almost complete exclusion of the Aam Aadmi party was making many of us uncomfortable. I requested that our sentiment against over-glorifying the leader be informed to Arvind. The party should think about doing a course correction. No one would doubt the excellent leadership of AK, but too much of personality driven politics is unsuitable for a healthy political culture, and dangerous for the country already reeling under NaMo’s personification. And most importantly, it is against the principles on which we had formed the party. This was my second stand.

On 30th of July, I had gone to Delhi for some personal work and was invited by Pankaj Gupta and Ashutosh for discussions. They confessed that while they were completely convinced about my positive role in the party, the “Delhi team” was hostile towards me due to the blog. They suggested that I should leave the party and maybe if after some years, if I want to rejoin, they could consider that. Or else, the entire thing will become “ugly”.

My response to them was the following:

Ø  My position and respect in the party in Maharashtra and Mumbai is due to my ground work, and not by keeping Delhi leaders happy and neither by conspiring against local leadership. I have no insecurity, because my status in the party is earned by the goodwill and love of the grassroots volunteers. Remember during the IAC heady days, while the entire leadership was in Delhi, in Mumbai, we had many rallies of the same magnitude or bigger than those in Delhi. I had led Maharashtra team with great integrity and success and therefore my position in the party is not at anyone’s mercy.

Ø  It is as much my party as anyone else’s. I have worked very hard from the formation of the party, all over the country. In fact, in the last Delhi election, I was leading the over 5000 outstation volunteers who had come to Delhi. One sometimes forgets that outstation volunteers from all over the globe that campaigned 24x7, were the critical factor in the 67 / 3 victory. While some people praise leaders sitting on the stage for their sacrifice, I think of the lakhs of people, all over the world, who have given so much for this “hope”. They have not sacrificed for AAP, but for the nation. AAP is just a means.

Ø  I have taken a role of only guiding and mentoring the Mumbai team, as per SE guidelines.  I believe that a political party’s role is to build leaders. A good leader is not one who has more followers, but who can create more leaders. I have tried my best to see that I am not projected as a leader, but work in the background to get some of Mumbai’s best youth upfront. You will not find a single reference or picture of mine if you go to our party office. 

Ø  I shall continue to take a stand whenever anything wrong is happening in the party. Our nation and the principles on which our party has been formed are much bigger than the short term benefits and “practical” short cuts that sometimes people compromise on. Power is but a medium to implement a new “political culture” that we have envisioned. Today, it is seeming that our dream of “Alternative Politics” has been abandoned.

Ø  I had heard that the party makes files made against all senior members, like Amit Shah of the BJP. The social media team uses that to demolish the character of those they oppose. I requested Pankaj and Ashutosh not to start a vilification campaign against me through the social media nor disturb the Mission Vistaar to get even with me.

Ø  Just because someone does not like my face or is influenced by conspirators does not mean that I walk out of the party to suit them. I am not a coward, nor a “Ranchod” (deserter). So, I suggested to Pankaj Gupta and Ashutosh that if they want me out of the party, then they should remove me. Am willing to be crucified for speaking the truth.

After this meeting, I shared the above with my colleagues in State and Mumbai and unanimously they agreed with my stand that I should not quit and they informed Pankaj that the party should reconsider and that the Maharashtra and Mumbai team would like to work with me. So, the die was cast – the SE had thrice defied the diktat – once when they asked AK to consider United AAP, next when they asked reduction of personality driven politics and thirdly, when they stood up to the High Command in my issue. No wonder, all committees were disbanded. 

Meanwhile, the conspirators had been given the deadline of Sept end by the High Command for removal of MV committee. This was conveyed to many volunteers and office bearers, creating doubt and unrest. The conspirators have even made alternate probable committee list and were also planning to create watertight case against our Maharashtra Convener so as to remove him.  All these evidences of anti-party activities were collected and given to the National Secretary by SE, who did not even care to reply. Wrong comments to humiliate SE were made in press by some. The SE made multiple complaints on these issues to Delhi, but no reply. Three times SE asked for appointment with AK, but no reply. I phoned AK many times, but it was cut off, I sent multiple messages to him, but no reply. Once, I even considered quitting the party, so that my colleagues are spared from malevolent action. So, I sent a few messages to AK that I was willing to quit without any issue and can he speak to me, no reply. We recognized by now that the decision was made to remove in September end, though we could not believe that it would be taken to this level.

Some feeble attempts were made of making multiple complaints against MV teams in Delhi (and not in Maharashtra, as should be the norm), a sham two member committee giving its report without talking to anyone and similar window dressing was done to give some legitimacy to what was to come. Subhash Ware and Raju Bhise (convenor and co-convenor) were then called to Delhi around two weeks back and told that Delhi intends to dissolve the Maharashtra team and the two of them should reconstitute the new committee. To their credit, they refused to be a part of this sham exercise. They suggested that Delhi sends a team to Maharashtra to review the committees and wherever there were some lacunae or wrong people, they should jointly make the necessary changes. In any case, this was an interim team, meant to create volunteers and structure for internal elections by Dec 2015, and there was no need to disband it, now.

But, September end was looming and yesterday, on Oct 1st, we saw a small entry on the AAP website announcing that all State Committees have been dissolved and Pankaj Gupta given charge of making the new teams. No opinions were sought, no wide spread consultations done. Just three lines in a website!! This is the High Command culture that we had opposed when we started.

It was time to take a stand for the third time in the past 4 years.  Internally, within the party, I tried again and again, but to no avail. I had no alternative but to go public. Remember that I am neither a member of Maharashtra nor Mumbai and this dissolution does not affect my position as National Executive member. I have never in my life fought for myself, but for others. If I was removed from the party, I would have quietly exited, but this decision was unjust to the committees all over Maharashtra and volunteers who had sacrificed so much to suddenly see a three liner throwing their committee out.

It is believed that in a political party, only one voice should be there – be it NaMo or Sonia or AK. I think that there should be multiple voices and dissent should be encouraged, so that a rich texture of views and opinions are created, which is one of the key ingredients of healthy democracy.

So, what is my hope? The good governance practice of Delhi should continue, Punjab should be fought and won; the party should fight elections wherever it has the requisite strength and it should forge ahead unswervingly with the same principles that it was founded. I hear that the party does not intend fighting any elections till Punjab 2017 election, including BMC and other elections. I think that this decision needs to be reconsidered, if that is true. Thousands of volunteers who distributed AK's Swaraj model via his book never knew that every ward, panchayat, city & state elections will be decided by a few members seating in Delhi and who has never visited the area.

 Hundreds of volunteers are upset and have been seeking my advice about what to do. This party is a volunteer driven party and when I see the leaders treating them badly, it hurts. They are not “use-and-throw” material. They are our soul.

My clear message to the volunteers who seek my advice is “This is as much your party, as anyone else’s. Continue in the party and ceaselessly work for the people. Times will change and real volunteers will get their due. AAP is today one of the best political vehicles in the country. Soon, these sycophants will be exposed and the real workers will be back. I might be removed by the party, but keep your cool and continue to work for the people. Don’t be individual centric, party is bigger than any individual.  As we used to say “Satya pareshan ho sakta hai kintu parajeet nahi”. Truth can tire, but can never be defeated. Do not follow me, as I can offer nothing except courage of conviction.Jai Hind!”

What can anyone do to a person who has no desire for office, nor fear of losing anything? If disciplinary action is taken, and logically it can be, I shall quit politics for now and go back to my life. I shall continue to speak out against injustice and compromises, whether within or without. And, whenever in future, this country needs me back, I shall be there, fighting together with you.

I was the founder member of IAC and came into this movement even before Annaji. And am proud to be part of this historical phase since 2011, in which India has changed in a positive manner. AAP has also created a platform where decent people could join and work for the nation. Let us not belie that dream. India is greater than the party.

Could not think of the better day than 2nd October to write this blog. Bapu’s birthday.


Appa Balwant said...

This really is an uncomfortable situation ... let's hope that wisdom dawns unto them ... truth shall prevail ... सत्यमेव जयते ...

Anonymous said...

Mayank, You are right you should speak your mind. But you are over-reacting to AK everywhere threat. With all due respect, be warned against fooling yourself. Some others did, or thought people would buy this unnecessary threat of AK becoming only face of party. It is your choice you compare AK to Namo, or you compare him to Kamal Pasha. If the Delhi team didn't accept you as a leader as much as you want, it means they have shown you the mirror. With time, everything changes. Seniority does not guarantee leadership. If you emphatically pronounce it is your party, you should not be bothered about Delhi's diktat, and just keep doing your work. By the way, you write very well. If you write books, I am sure people would read your books. I am an anonymous overseas supporter of AAP, supported party in the only way I could, by sending money and making phone calls during election, with no expected return, but good governance in India. I think AK is 100% into it, and I request you to keep working for the party,with no expectation of returns. Don't fight for volunteers and their positions. That's unnecessary. They are volunteers anyway. Thank you! MM

Guru said...

Am least surprised to see things as they stand now. IAC People like you who took such a rational move to enter politics to cleanse the system in India seem to have put on their blinders after expulsion of two comrades and are crying hoarse in public like a kid whose toy has been snatched just like your two friends did when they were shown the door. Beleive me, all this drama by you or your best friends earlier shows how bad loosers you all are. Any self respecting person would have simply walked out if the situation was not suiting him and made a new beginning for himself.

Your blogging and tweeting only shows that you are not even half the man you claim to be, have no moral standing and if i may say so, act like a bhaktard. I fail to understand what do u plan to achieve by washing your DIRTY LINEN IN PUBLIC. What great service is achieved by voicing dissent in public forum. How many people you know who actually appreciate members of a group who openly dissent in public and take it positively. People expect members to act maturely and appear as one strong group, howsoever serious their differences are internally.
The fact you don't beileve in this analogy shows that you want your piece of flesh, by hook or crook. Pl stop crying those 'Crocodile Tears'.

Anonymous said...

I think in aap all leaders big n small give a lot of importance to their own views. In a democracy if out of 100 people 51 vote for something it becomes the chosen thing. That doesn't mean the rest 49 start screaming that this is not democracy. These remaining 49 have to work harder to convince the other 51 of their views to win them over by just means.
All people think differently so its better to adhere to a common agenda. The controversial parts should be debated till they become common agenda.
Anyone and everyone in aap or outside aap just gets up one fine day and starts mud slinging on its current leadership. Wouldnt it be better to keep on working on common agenda so that trust in aap increases. Open dissent just leads to caricaturing of aap and serves as great fodder for the opposition and paid media.
This so called Alternate politics has to be a viable one too!
Whats the point of having a party that seems like a political alternative but is always in icu because its own people are always criticising publicly and projecting low faith in the party and party leadership?
it seems there are lesser people who want to build the party than those who want to lead the party or its units.
I fail to understand this open dissent culture of aap. I never see open support of any activity of ur top leadership by the so called open dissenters. Does it mean that after a stunning victory in delhi and the so many months of governance there was not a single positive thing that you applauded or wrote a big support blog for?
Nobody is perfect....but if u criticise then do you also appreciate?
Mistakes need to be worked upon. Find internal mechanism to do the same. And if 51% disagree with you then accept it democratically rather than running about blogging open dissent.
and if you feel so estranged then why dont we see birth of another alternate...
becoz its difficult right?....all this did not come easy..and its not perfect...but can you atleast work towards making it better than spoiling it all for others. ..dont have the frog mentality...find your own alternate if its so difficult to agree with the 51%!

Anonymous said...

You are right in saying that AAP belongs to Aam Aadmi Indians all over the world.How did we get fooled by this selfish and ungreatful AK.It is because of misfit senior leaders like You.

The day you did not join PB in fighting against giving MLA tickets to regular politicians that day itself you failed us.The day you did not object to taking money from fake companies that day itself we were cheated.The day you did not stand against floor management to kick out YY and PB that day you failed us totally and exposed yourself as a misfit to be a Leader.AAP's honeymoon period will be over in a matter of months and the party will disintegrate.

Pradip, London

Unknown said...

We joined AAP to change the system.Did Delhi sought volunteers view before dissolving state unit.
Volunteers are disgruntled seeing this type of action.
I salute AK for giving good platform but a bad omen are bad for the party.
AAP must and should follow the Swaraj as written by AK.

Tarak said...

There are two 'gutters' involved: one is the gutter of Indian politics where the elected members often work against the will of the people, and the second is the gutter associated with complex human relationships and egos. AAP was formed by people who wanted to clean up the gutter of Indian politics, many of them naively believed that they were immune to the second gutter. A majority of them slowly realized that the second gutter is as bad as the first one, and the only way to deal with it is by following a hierarchical organizational structure that has evolved over human history. A minority still continued to nurture their idealistic dream of having a congolomerate of autonomous bodies bound only by common principles, but not acknowledging that they have no idea how to deal with the magnitude of daily issues that arise as a result. [A good example is Manish Sisodia's approach to revamping public education vs. the approach suggested by Yogendra Yadav].
As I see it, Mayank is part of this minority. In the organization structure of their dream, this minority uses broadcast channels to amplify their voices without even considering the damage they cause to their common goals and mission.
I now understand why the thousands of well-meaning NGOs don't work together to achieve their common goals!

Anonymous said...

So much has changed after AK won 67 seats.....I think AK was always like this, passionaite but bully about my way or high way attitude.....I think he is a fool who should read few good books about leadership & team building.....

YY-PB-MG etc. are all gems of Indian society & are much bigger achievers then him in pre AAP life....he should had lowered his ego & worked toward nation building rather then his CMship building.....

what a waste of so much of +ve energy generated by global volunteers just because organisation top guy turned out to be STUPID....

Akhilesh said...

Mayank Gandhi Sir,
If we read your blog from one point of view that I am listening you only then it would have been right to say that you are right. The party should have follow swaraj model.
But on the other hand , If you see ,the question arises when any state or a number of volunteers give stress on fighting election without having ground presence ,it is completely out of context. I have attended pankaj Gupta meeting and I can say that he is taking any decision to make the party stronger only without any personal benefit.

You may be right but I as well as many volunteers want you to be in the party and keep doing work selflessly without raising the voice for fighting election untill party decides.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gandhi, right on the dot once again. The only one who calls a spade a spade. This party has no space for ideals or intelligence. Let us all walk out of the party and leave them to reorganise the small group of destructive individuals. Absolute disregard for the work done in Maharashtra. Everything that was built with great efforts and deliberation, destroyed by the whim of the self styled-king. Mr Kejriwal, sacrifices were made because we believed u were a wonderful tool for change. When the means starts believing that it is the end, the end is not far.

Anonymous said...

you are right sir

Anonymous said...


Thanks a lot for taking this stand. the party needs to change its course of action and you will get a lot of support for taking this stand. We all hope that Arvind behaves sensibly soon..Jai Hind

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right. I do agree that today AAP has become totally arvind alone party. Different views are no longer considered and excuses are made to remove and sideline those giving such views. Arvind plus chamchas will definately take action against you but thats the person he is, a person who thinks the world revolves around him. You are a leader in the true sense and if anyone ever lays a hand on you, trust me thousands like me in all of maharashtra will fight and destroy that hand. If we can build a party from scratch and build an image of arvind in maharashtra and karnataka, be sure we can destroy it as well. If arvind and his 5 chamchas show maturity and accept your views and overturn this decision, i will be the biggest supporter of aap, but if they remain stubborn they will face the music, there is no running away from that fact.

MSH Sheikh said...

We the people who wanted to change the system and country have seen a dream of dumping so called "NETAS" from the kingdom of INDIA. We wanted corruption free real Indian democracy in which common man like Arvind Kejcivalji, Mayankji Gandhi and all the people contribute for only National interest and society.

We are one, we should be one and we must be one as our enemies are having gigantic powers with their propaganda and tech-tics. We the handful of people should not quarrel each other for common cause. We, the simple AAM AADMI must respect each others having very high IQ and vision of changing political era of the present INDIA and minimizing the evils as we can not remove.

I humbly request to Read the SWARAJ KRANTI Book of Arjivind Kejriwalji and obey it.


Anonymous said...

Amazingly true. We all with you till the end

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Absolutely wrong of Kejriwal & co. to disband the entire maharashtra unit! Even Narendra Modi/ Amit Shah would not have the guts to disband an entire state unit so suddenly !

suresh mohapatra said...

It 'll be good if MAYANK GANNDHI shown the door.AAP is best even in the world,it's no exaggeration.MISSION VISTAR is nothing but a blackmail drive by YY to set up his stooges in the top hierarchy to challenge AAP/AK .it is already seen in ODISHA,MAHARASTRA ,KARNATAK everywhere,pl leave the party and see you are wrong.

Shrey shah said...

@sureshji do you have any idea what is going on in Maharashtra. Without knowing the truth, you are commenting... Mayankbhai has built entire AAP Maharashtra and has initiated IAC In Maharashtra! Kindly know your facts before commenting..

Anonymous said...

MG you are one of the tallest leader of this country! Thanks for making sure that the voices of vols. Are heard... that there is somebody who is there for volunteers!

Swarnali Sen said...

Jinko politics me apna career banana hai wo kisi bhi haal me tik jayenge , jo log AAP ke siddhant se jude the wo shayad kahin kho jayenge .

Rahul said...

All supporters of AK are "Anonymous" Strange Isn'it??? This only means that all posts are coming from one Individual same they do in Twitter/Facebook by bombarding comments with Fake Accounts...... Shame on Kejri who ruined Delhi.
By Blaming you cannot Govern....
By Budgeting the Governance is NOT done
By spending Public money for Stupid Ad of Self Promotion you cannot Govern

Delivery is key..... which is not seen on the ground..... Readiness on Dengue is just one example.... People will soon throw AAP out once the time comes.... Enjoy till that time....

Unknown said...

I as a professional joined AAP to strengthen the people's movement; not for any personality or post. The current MV did not provide me any post, but, as a ground volunteer and legal professional, I tried doing my best. Albeit, the current Maharashtra and MV were doing commendable ground level work not seen with previous committees.
Mayank Gandhi did a commendable job in promoting the entire Maharashtra State and MV. However, if he is to be blamed then in the same breath, the same people writing here should have also written why AAP did not fight Assembly Elections 2014 and gave way to BJP in Maharashtra ? It suggests we were volunteering, spending our hard earned money, wasting and killing our qualitative time for already sold out show in 2014 Assembly elections ! Such horse trading is suggestive of the fact that previous State Committee/Secretary, did not fight 2014 Elections because of connivance with BJP.
It is shocking that one of the contenders who fought 2014 Loksabha election in NC, promoted by National spokes person, including her is a devout anti-minority. It was not AAP's culture to thrown lavish IFTAAR party. But, was done in Mumbai by National Spokes person unabashedly in recent past. On similar occasions previous year, we donated to poor for education, and for those in penury; rather than throwing Iftaar party. This year Iftaar in Mumbai were represented by celebrities and film personalities. Emails are available with me as evidences to show anti-minority mindset and how the current coup initiated by those in power proved correct the theory of "Lions and Foxes" by Wilfred Pareto. Being a Muslim myself, and a professional, it is deeply painstaking that we as community have again been taken for a ride by this same coup initiators for whom there is no discipline, no fairness, no rule of law, and no holds barred for seeking power center. I am attaching few images of messages which I received from other volunteers who are equivalently shocked to witness this conspiracy hatched by stooges and principal bigots. And, shocking still is AAP spokes person issues press release stating "All is Well". Requesting AAP and current bourgeois in Maharashtra with the help of National Spokes person, who have like foxes displaced hardworking proletariat, not to use minorities and professional's like us to do their dirty job.

Unknown said...

Truth is higher then ever and highest still is truth full living .victory for you sir always.

Neel said...

The first tell tale sign that AK is a HYPOCRITE is when he tried to negotiate with the Cong MLAs of Delhi to form govt again.He did not believe in his own Values for 6 months and this Hypocrite wrote a book on Swaraj and often spouted 'meri jaan bhi dedoonga'.What a Hypocrite we have fallen for.Embarassing for all of us who campaigned relentlessly and collected donations.This Hypocrite must be taught a lesson.

Neel said...

Mayank what were you doing when people like Admiral Ramdas were thrown out??
Only now have you come to senses??

Prof.Gopalakrishna Panicker said...

Compromise is not a one time job it demands further chain of compromises-and finally forced to un-compromise . Lie needs more lies just like violence breeds more violence. Politics based on Right is Might is the Right choice. Might is Right is the slogan of sycophants.

This context is to be realistically analysed with commitment to the greater cause .Above passage I have copy pasted from a letter I have written to P.B and Y.Y just after their expulsion -Now I feel that the matured decision to post pone formation a political party by Swaraj Abyan is right -we have learned much lesson form AAP experience . --Social initiative is a prerequisite for political alternative .Y.Y has the taken the right initiative to organise Farmers and gathering further experience while few others still with the party can be with the movement just like Punkaj Pusker-Dharmvir Gandhi etc Let me request you to discuss with Medha padker and be with Farmers movement -no formal invitation is necessary for that.
Prof.Gopalakrishna Panicker -Kerala Founder member of AAP activly supporting Swaraj abhiyan and farmers movement

Reacting to the notice, Mr Yadav tweeted this morning, "Got the Show Cause Notice from Disciplinary committee at midnight. The complainants and witnesses are themselves judges! #WhatAJoke."

Thanks to Kesavananda Bharati, Palkhivala and the seven judges who were in the majority, India continues to be the world’s largest democracy. The souls of Nehru, Patel, Ambedkar and all the founding fathers of our Constitution can really rest in peace.

Unknown said...

Thank You for Bringing the truth Out in front of everyone. Its Sad Youyou have to express your views on blog but you were left with no Option after so many months of follow up with Delhi Team they cant just even make a appointment with AK.

Nation needs leaders like you who have the courage to talk and express their views if they find party is getting away from the principles.

Its leaders like you who make AAP different from other political parties. Now there will be attempts to project you as Anti AAP and Anti AK. But they will not understand dissent is needed in a democracy..

Anonymous said...

AAP is seriously facing the leadership deficit. Good people are leaving for one or the other reason is no good sign for party's future. My experience shows that fraudsters and infiltrators who should have been thrown out of the party after LS elections 2014, are gaining importance and those who are party's core supporters working selflessly are being sidelined. MV observers coming from Delhi feel great about how they are served by their local units. But, AK has no time meeting volunteers outside Delhi or re-affirming his faith in principles and ideals for which we joined politics and found AAP.

DhidoGill said...

We need to be clear and not shy away from a truth that AK is fake , dishonest , brute and too ambitious of a politician. Till you admit this you shall not be able to serve the people and rebuild aap . We are doing it in Punjab , Hell with Dehli Durbar gutter politics

Vaikom unni said...

Why u continued after the expulsion of Prashanth Bhushan & others. AAP died on that day itself.

Unknown said...

I joined IAC Mumbai on Day 1 at Azad Maidan on January 30. Thousands of volunteers worked together with pure spirit of working for the nation.

I quit IAC the day AK announced political party.

All this is a natural fallout of converting a Juggernaut called IAC to a power game called AAP!

If IAC was allowed to continue in the last two years, a strong nation-wide citizen group would have existed which could take any political party to task....

Unknown said...

A sad commentary on a Party, that was poised to take its rightful place in cleansing India's Politics of the evils foisted on the Nation by both the Congress and the BJP!Whatever has transpired, doesn't surprise me one bit! I was often cautioning people within AAP not to rest in a mistaken belief that we AAP guys have descended from Jupiter! We also carry the very same human weaknesses as members of other Political Parties. But, we did display a tendency to learn from mistakes and not repeat them.

Alas, we have jettisoned this corrective mechanism too. With this our hopes of providing alternative Politics has gone up in smoke according to me! We won Delhi but we lost India! We won a battle but lost a war by sheer foolishness.

Even at this belated stage an attempt can be made by sitting together, discussing and sorting out things to cure AAP's ailment. But, if we pretend there is no ailment then we are finished. This is not an issue of any individual. It is a question of AAP as a People's Movement. But is it a movement any longer?

I am sad. But I am not surprised. I saw all these coming quite long back. May be I was a fool!

Anonymous said...

Respected Mayankji, If so called some ppl hve gone to delhi to file a complaint it is not coz what u did it but the how u did it. Wen vols submitted a complaint against MV,u replied "compalint karne complaint,tum reply mat karo". This is wat similar thing have happened to u. "What u sow is what u get". This happened in front of me when Pankaj gupta & Ashutosh was in Mumbai. U wer busy makin comm w/o consulting vols. How can compare vols who hv wrkd for 4yrs & who joined AAP jst 4 mths before MV formation. U alone did not given 4 yrs for AAP but those vols hve also given who was downtrodden/sidelined by u & ur MV. U have only lieutenant as convener so that they wont raise voice agnst u n ur MV. On what basis u have appointed convener in diff dist., ppl who were inactive were given made convener on dist & assembly.Education? If education is the criteria then, Meera Sanyal shld NC nt AK. U made Disciplinary comm agnst ppl who raised issue of MV selection process. And u say Central team will conduct a discplinary comm agnst u. what are u saying sir? I told u "What u sow is what u reap"

Unknown said...

I am from pune and i know you from IAC . I am no more in AAP .volunteers know your work in all tough and dry times of IAC and AAP . AAP is not all about AK . I wish you remain in party .Time again shows that its difficult for good peoples to keep remain united . But AAP is def
the last hope of indian politics . I wish your struggle for truth wins. my wishes . Shailesh hagawane

Anonymous said...

From Dr. Gandhi
For all selfless volunteers of AAP,across india and NRI volunteers across continents.

" political decay and degeneration precedes,and not follows organisational blunders and subsequent degeneration "


" The entire history of political parties and organisations, stands as a testimony to the fact, that it were never the critics,but the sycophants,who destroyed not only great ideas and institutions,great people and personalities but great empires and dynasties too."


I fully agree with Mr Mayank Gandhi's views expressed in his blog. People like Mayank and me along with Lakhs of dedicated,honest and committed volunteers and tens of millions of Aam Aadmis of this country joined AAP not because of certain persons and personalities,but because of the idea and possibility of emergence of an honest and clean alternative politics on the Indian political horizon --- based on the principle of Swaraj,political and financial transparency,alternative politics and not just good governance and intra party democracy as opposed to high command or single family/ single man party culture,prevalent in other mainstream national and regional parties. Though well aware of all inherent political,ideological ,philosophical and organisational limitations of the party, yet on the basis of broad ideals and with belief and confidence that with the help of available intellectual pool we will overcome all these hurdles in due course of time.

all of us joined and worked whole heartedly with great zeal and enthusiasm for the party.
But unfortunately for the last one and half years,the Delhi leadership has gradually drifted away from all the professed principles of the party.
All those who raised questions about unacceptable compromises, degeneration and betrayal of people's faith and dream were shown the door one by one. May it be PB,YY,prof Anand Kumar ,prof.Ajit Jha,Dr Daljit Singh an octogenarian iconic figure of punjab,me and S Harinder Singh Khalsa,the two MPs all were expelled or suspended from the party of flimsy grounds and unsubstantiated charges.
The party bosses,instead of adopting the policy of a healthy political discourse on all issues of political and organisational dissent and differences, brought in the culture of burning effigies, demonising and labelling as "gaddars" all those who raised valid questions on the issues of policy shifting and compromising on party policies and principles, from time to time.
Even the most degenerated mainstream parties don't stoop too low while dealing with dissenting voices in their parties

Anonymous said...

Mr Mayank Gandhi may be next in the line of fire. AAP today has become a party of sycophants and does not like any one who has head on his shoulders. After winning "by hook or by crook " 67 assembly seats Political power and arrogance has gone in to head of Delhi leaders and have started treating state units as their subservient colonies. They are brazenly trying to control the states through remote control from Delhi, through their Yes men and sycophants in utter disregard to right and independence of states to lay out the political chess in their respective state.
How ridiculous? One one hand Mr Kejriwal is holding chief ministerial conclave in Delhi in defence of federalism,where as in his own party he is throttling the rights and independence of state units. What else is called opportunism and double standard in politics?
Delhi durbar has divided and destroyed the party in punjab and Himachal Pradesh by changing the face and character of the party and Maharashtra is its next target. Delhi seems to be out to kill the dream of people of india of an alternative politics,by systematically discouraging volunteers through promoting "yes man " culture and extinguishing the fire of a revolutionary transformation of society.
Loyalty to Delhi durbar and especially to one person, not to question the the Demi god leader's misadventures is the political culture of AAP today.
Ours and many many of others like us, the only fault is that when our supremo talked of ushering in a new era of alternative honest and clean politics, which he rightly professed then,we took it seriously,never realising that things would come to such a pass some day day.
It is very easy to answer the questions,posed by the present,but the questions that history will ask from all of us will be much more difficult to answer. Let us prepare to give right kind of answers when history asks us to. This is our historic responsibility and we shall have to take up this challenge today.

Anil Hebbar said...

I am quite saddened by the sudden action taken by the party to dissolve all units in Maharashtra. If the party had problems with you or anyone else in Maharashtra, it could have taken action on the individuals with whom it had issues. Now the state committees have been dissolved while you still are a member of the National Executive which is quite a funny situation. The units in Maharashtra had just been formed after great effort by a few dedicated members amid non-cooperation and stiff resistance by some disgruntled elements and had begun to function dedicatedly taking up serious issues like the farmers' distress. So many volunteers and well meaning individuals who belonged to neither camp ( If any such camps existed) have toiled selflessly neglecting their families and work which sometimes caused a lot of personal hardships to such volunteers. This dissolution in one stroke has brought to nought all the efforts of the foot soldiers. Rubbing salt to the wound is the contention that the Maharashtra units were not functioning. Truth always wins and truth alone wins. I do hope that you and the powers that be in Delhi sit together and resolve your differences. Or else, the nation will not excuse us and trust any one of us in future to bring about any change in the society.

Deepu Jose said...

Mayankji, I am the Secretary of Yogendra Yadav's Swaraj Abhiyan, Mumbai. All I can summarize is that "we reap what we sow". Once I was an ordinary volunteer & looked forward to making my contributions from the time of the IAC Movement, but regretfully found too many gate keepers whose palms had to be greased rather than your ability to contribute to the movement.

Despite your shortcomings your views during YY & PB 's expulsion were noticed as bold in the face of the highhandness of Kejriwal & his coterie & your decision to at least abstain from the voting then was appreciated though it could have helped more had you left the party then rather than being unceremoniously removed.

Well there's no human beings who doesn't make mistakes or should be punished for standing against wrong doing however late it may be. If you have shown your intentions to be upright and assertive against wrong doings then I am sure you will reach out to YY and PB.


Well said. Non working un known people were posted in Dahisar Vidhan sabha. Genuine workers stopped attending meetings after this. Result - work came to stand still. I won't comment about rest but Dahisar commitee was fixed and process rigged. No persons from the dissolved commitee should be ever given a party post hereafter.

Unmesh Bagwe said...

Dear MG,

You have said, "I think that there should be multiple voices and dissent should be encouraged, so that a rich texture of views and opinions are created, which is one of the key ingredients of healthy democracy"... BUT please note this is not a culture in AAP.

AAP, for which you are dedicated is dead on the day PB/YY were expelled for the same... Do not try to revive this AAP which will never happen and do not sit at home, instead join hands with similar minds and create another force, just do it.. you can do it...

Don't be in love with scrap...

Anonymous said...

Mayankji One thing is not clear. Are you still in the Party or have been thrown out ? It is crystal; clear that unbridled ambition of one Ms Preeti Sharma Menon has been the root cause of the entire mess that is AAP Maharashtra today. It is surprising that even after ONE YEAR the imported SahaPrabhari Ashutosh Singer has not been able to come up with the right leadership to lead the Party not only in Maharashtra but even in Mumbai which is going to have Civic Polls very soon. It is a pity that the Party that was nurtured with the sweat and blood of dedicated volunteers is now a hand maiden of individual ambition .

S V Subramanian
Still a Hopeful AAPian

Jagdish fadnavis said...

i agree in toto

indianyogi4u said...
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indianyogi4u said...

You goota hope man!!!!!

indianyogi4u said...

Mayank ji athwa Akash ji; I held both of you in great esteem; but sadly was let down by both of you :(

AND I am not talking of this at whatever stage you are in, now; but long long before that! :(((((

What made me and why I joined the Party was, that, WE volunteers will decide who will represent us!
After an initial good beginning, soon Sanjay Singh started interfering in the selection process and had almost 10 to 12 candidates, rejected by US volunteers, nominated for seats!!!!


I am talking of the First Time AAP participated in Delhi Elections against Sheela Dixit's misrule!

Do not want to go in too whole of the episode; as I resigned from the party in July of 2015, dunno whether I am a member still or not; as usual, there is total silence on and from all fronts!

BUT; now that you have come out in the open about your TRUE feelings and are an AWAKENED BEING; would definitely like you to and Akash Madnani meet with YY N BB, atleast!
[ Would love to be an onlooker in the above meeting ]

I am 68+ in years, with the grace of GOD still can walk without a 'soti'; as such no personal axe to grind!

The only one being: RIGHTFUL administration of the INDIAN People AT LARGE!!!!