Thursday, April 25, 2019

Should one vote for Modi or against? - an open letter

Dear friends

Am neither in BJP nor in opposition. Just passionate about our beloved country.

Would like to present key pros and cons of the last govt in a brief, balanced and dispassionate manner, considering the short and long-term good of the nation.

These are the six major critical indicators

1.     Economy (4/5)
Overall, it is on the right track. India is one of the fastest growing economies with 7.2% GDP growth, inflation under control and in the last 5 years – India has jumped from 9th to 5th largest economy in the world. The failure of DeMo to achieve its objective of black money eradication reduces one point.

2.     Law and Order (3.5/5)
No major riots, no bombings (unlike 2009-14 period), control and eradication of secessionist tendency in different parts of the country except Kashmir are positive points. Kashmir could have been managed much better. Relation between centre and state are above average except with Delhi govt

3.     Development and administration (3/5)
The pace of development – Roads, Electricity, Houses, Cooking gas, Toilets, Medical (ayushmann scheme), opening of bank accounts and transfer of funds directly into beneficiary accounts (thereby reducing leakages) is unprecedented. Corruption at higher level has reduced, but at the lower levels – corruption has not been tackled effectively. Administration machinery is probably functioning slightly well, but jobs are not being generated fast enough. Farmers are suffering and the distress is real. They are not getting the benefits of development as much as they should get.

4.     Geo-political position and dealing with neighbors (5/5)
India’s position has never been better and we are considered as one of the major nations of the world. Our dealing with our pesky neighbors has been exemplary. We have shown the magnanimity of offering hand of friendship and when rebuffed, we have been firm and strong, setting boundaries of sovereignty.

5.     Political culture (1.5/5)
Misuse and abuse of various institutions like media, judiciary and executive, authoritarianism, lack of transparency, no internal democracy of parties, deterioration of quality of debate and discourse in public life, VIP culture, dynasty politics and dominance of money, muscle and divisive agenda of vote bank continues to plague our electoral system.

6.     Social fabric (1/5)
India is more polarized than ever before. Minorities are insecure. Statements against Muslims by ruling party leaders, entry of Sadhvi Pragya are sending wrong signals. Triple talaq was a good step, and so also reduction of appeasement of Muslims for vote bank. But overall, the social fabric needs to become more harmonious.

Based on what is important to an individual, he should vote for BJP along with their strengths and weaknesses or vote BJP out. It is unfortunate for the nation that right now, we do not have the choice of at least two different ideologies, programs and vision for the nation. It is either for BJP or against.

That’s not healthy.

Just keep one’s prejudice away and vote for India.

India can wait no more!


parth said...

While appreciating you i would say that you didn't participate in improving two aspects at 5&6. You took side of Muslims who were perpetrators even today.

Unknown said...

You completely ignore the degradation of Central universities by this present govt and not to forget the fear of mob lynching

Aanand said...

Based on first four points, we need to vote for BJP

Venkatanarayanan said...

The onus on degradation of the social fabric cannot be squarely placed on the doors of BJP. I think that the media narrative has been skewed on most of the occasions. While many in the media are having a beef about the beef issue, what is not seen is that no new law has been enacted by the BJP govt. The lynching is one side of the story, the cow smuggling is the other side. Whereas the lynching gets page one attention, the cow smuggling is hastily brushed under the carpet.

As long as there is no objective reporting, we are going to have more and more polarisation. For too long a time, one section of media has had it good. It is time that they are taken to task for non-objective reporting.

If that happens, then I would say that points #5 and #6 will also tilt in favour of BJP.

Unknown said...

Except political culture and social fabric, u have termed BJP gov as nice.

I have to say that u have soft corner for BJP, bcoz all other points are smartly written that can suit to any government.

And sir, point 4 is totally wrong.
Perhaps u forgot doklam, nepal crisis, pak arrogance, lost opportunity in sri lanka, etc
Actually we are in worst phase vis-a-vis relationship with neighbors.

And sir when there will be no independence of institution then where will be democracy 5/10 years down the line.

Also u said job has not been created fast...
No sir on the opposite jobs have declined fast.
So much Leepa poti on this front.

Not good analysis sir.

Anonymous said...

Let me take it other way. You tell me name of PM other then Modi and I will vote against BJP.

VINOD said...

Read your stupid views. I copy – paste an article for you, which a Dalaal like your will ignore it
Regards ..(?)
ये 4 बड़ी खबरें जिन्हें पढ़कर कोई भी भला आदमी सिहर उठेगा कैसे मोदी ने पूरे भारत को सड़ा दिया है
By - अरुण माहेश्वरी
भारत की अभी क्या स्थिति है (What is the situation of India), इसे आज के ‘टेलिग्राफ़’ (Telegraph India) की ख़बरों से जाना जा सकता है। चारों ओर झूठ और धोखाधड़ी का ऐसा साम्राज्य हो गया है कि देश की सभी सर्वोच्च और पवित्र माने जाने वाली संस्थाएँ पूरी तरह से कलंकित दिखाई देने लगी है।

‘टेलिग्राफ़’ में सबसे पहली ख़बर तो चुनाव आयोग के बारे में है। ‘अचरज है चुनाव आयोग और उसका धीरज’ (The wonder that is EC and its patience)। इस रिपोर्ट में पूरे विस्तार से बताया गया है कि कैसे चुनाव आयोग प्रधानमंत्री और अमित शाह के चुनावी प्रचार में किये जा रहे कदाचारों की शिकायतों को दबा कर सीधे तौर पर इनके दलालों की भूमिका अदा करने लगा है।

प्रथम पृष्ठ की ही दूसरी दिलचस्प ख़बर है नरेन्द्र मोदी की – ओबामा से उनकी लंगोटिया यारी की, जिसे उन्होंने अक्षय कुमार (Akshay Kumar) को बताया है। इसमें ओबामा मोदी से पूछ रहा है – (अबे) तूने क्या पहना है ?

मोदी ने अक्षय के सामने यह हांका था कि ओबामा से उसके आपस में ‘तू तड़ी’ करके बुलाने का संबंध है।
अंग्रेज़ी में तो ‘तू’ का कोई शब्द नहीं है, इसीलिये मोदी की माने तो कहना होगा – वे मोदी से हिंदी में बात करते हैं !
बहरहाल, इसमें तीसरी ख़बर है सेना के पूर्व अधिकारियों के राष्ट्रपति के नाम लिखे पत्र से एएनआई चैनल के द्वारा की गयी छेड़-छाड़ की। अर्थात् मीडिया के पतन (Collapse of media) की। यह पत्र मोदी के द्वारा चुनाव में सेना के राजनीतिकरण के बारे में था।
एएनआई चैनल की संपादक वही स्मिता प्रकाश है जिसने इसके पहले मोदी के पक्ष में ऐसे ही विकृतिकरण के अनेक कारनामें किये हैं। सेना के इन अधिकारियों ने स्मिता प्रकाश की इस शैतानी के ख़िलाफ़ एएनआई के सहभागी रायटर्स को लंबा पत्र लिख कर इस महिला पत्रकार की अनैतिकताओं को पेश किया है। ‘टेलिग्राफ’ ने जब उससे उसकी इन करतूतों का जवाब माँगा तो उसके पास सफ़ाई का एक शब्द नहीं था। फ़ोन पर सिर्फ इतना कहा कि मैं इस पर कुछ नहीं कहूँगी।
‘टेलिग्राफ’ के इसी प्रथम पृष्ठ की चौथी बड़ी ख़बर सुप्रीम कोर्ट के बारे में है।

सुप्रीम कोर्ट तो मोदी के चक्कर में अभी किसी दलदल से कम बुरी जगह नहीं लगती है। जैसे वहाँ सब कुछ सड़ चुका है। मुख्य न्यायाधीश पर कामुक हरकतों का एक आरोप है जिस पर अब तक सही ढंग से जाँच ही नहीं हुई है कि इसी बीच एक और सनसनीख़ेज़ मामला उत्सव बैंस नाम के वकील ने तैयार कर दिया है। बिल्कुल संघी कुत्सित साज़िशों की तरह इस व्यक्ति ने बाक़ायदा एफिडेविट के साथ यह कहानी पेश की है कि मुख्य न्यायाधीश को फँसाने के लिये कितने बड़े स्तर पर एक साज़िश रची जा रही है। और सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने इसका संज्ञान लेते हुए देश की सभी जाँच एजेंसियों के प्रमुखों को इसकी तह में जाने के काम में लगा दिया है। इन दोनों मामलों में ही न्यायाधीश अरुण मिश्रा शामिल है जिन्हें कुछ समय पहले तक मोदी-शाह से जोड़ कर देखा जा रहा था।
इस प्रकार, जिन जांच एजेंसियों को मोदी पहले ही भ्रष्ट कर चुके हैं, अब वे एक सर्वोच्च स्तर की साज़िश के सनसनी मामले की जाँच का नया खेल शुरू करेगी !
कुल मिला कर, मोदी कंपनी ने देश में चारों ओर झूठ और विश्वासघात की जो गंदगी फैला दी है, ऐन चुनाव के पहले वह किस प्रकार बुरी तरह से बजबजाने लगी है, आज के ‘टेलिग्राफ़’ का पहला पृष्ठ इसकी पूरी गवाही देता है। पूरे अख़बार में इनकी विस्तृत ख़बरों को पढ़ कर कोई भी भला आदमी सिहर उठेगा।

Dr.V.S.Rege said...

Dear Mayank.jee I Appreciate your this blog.It is written in a lucid langauge expressing your frank assessment of Modi Regime 2014-19.It has given Maximum Possible UnBiased analysis in just minimum possible words.
I do not agree with a few comments here, in that your blog doesnt stink of communal partisanship but let us NEVER Forget,that Tali kabhi ek haat se nahi bajti.
You have not mentioned about Tukde gang at all neither about MIM n their open polarisation.
Anyway, I feel its a decent but half-sighted blog.
Yes I too agree,we all MUST VOTE for NDA's MODI Sarkar for fir ek baar JYADA SARVANGIN VIKAS if Hindusthan.
I am all for a HINDU RASHTR' because Only then the Real Secularism can BLOSSOM in India n the world Over.
Hindustan believes in "VASUDHAIV KUTUMBAKUM".

pdkamath said...

Sir your honest evaluations of the present govt on vital indicators are more than enough for a sensible citizen to chose what is best for his country. Sir regarding social fabric I feel govt never differentiated between religions & it as a mere propagenda based on few lynching incidents. So 1/5 is not justified sir. Thank you sir.

Narrys said...

I agree in totality.

Narrys said...


Anonymous said...

I wonder if balance is even possible in today's times.Each one of us has our own point of view.If one adopts one stance,it could be viewed as a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.Another stance,may give a clearer perspective, given that the country was seemingly mired in corruption for nearly half a century.Attempts,though feeble,are being made to stem that rot,so must be given credit.That,to me,is the biggest factor in this or any election.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with you. Ups and downs can be there..but you can not take away the very good intentions and commitment of Modi govt. In the next 5 years we will experience the developments in our nation on all fronts.

Narrys said...

I wish you guys were so attentive and critical of earlier Congress governments. What Modi has done in 5 years there are many more positives which guys like you ignore and a few lapses are magnified by people having personal agendas.

Narrys said...


Narrys said...

I agree.

Unknown said...

I agreed with you,regarding social fabric it can be improved by controlling of few peoples. This is an important aspect but by improvement in economy it will reduced automatically.

Narrys said...

I agree with you Parth.

Unknown said...

You have not spoken about employment generation. GDP is much lower as shown by goverment. Yes BJP has done few work but this has not improved quality of life. We jumped downward in hunger Index and Heath facility have not improved Though roads are constructed but affordable public transit is not available in many parts of India.
Women's are more insecure in India.
Education sector have been ignored
I think BJP has failed drastically

Unknown said...

Sir, intentions lead to results, be it good or average but disasterously bad.

I can never accept the divide, communalise, spread hate and rule, even at the cost of india being as developed as USA.

but here india is losing slowly whatever prosperity it had.

Just give another mandate to modi and picture will be clear for even his fans.

Unknown said...

By and large good analysis, except in the matter of performance on economy, growth and development. On this count, the performance has been abysmal.

Performance on maintaining Diplomacy and International Relations is also far from satisfactory and was full of show off, without much stuff.

Joy said...

👌🏻only 1 word to describe its "Excellent", practically their isn't much of an alternative to Modi, irrespective of whether you like him or hate him. Modi is strong because opposition is weak and has no narrative or future to offer to India.

Gouri Kanungo said...

The perception of for or against BJP is incorrect and has grown these days. It has to be Nation first. I agree that leaders of ruling party should be responsible. But on Sad HBO's entry into Bhopal battle field your argument did not appeal.. .if she is so bad, let people defeat her. We also have Rahuls, Sonia and kanheia and so many in the field.
Transparency is a major issu ,Name any field. VIP culture and dynasty, money power everywhere and promoting caste politics are things which will take us Back.

Indur Chhugani said...

I feel both BJP and Congress are corrupt...and competing for the 'Most Corrupt' title.

My Dilemma is

Do I vote for the winner of 'Most Corrupt' title or the runner up.

BJP I believe is the winner of the title.

Indur Chhugani

ashu said...

You have missed many big isdues.
Expenditure on education and healthcare is being reduced every year. Electoral bonds are also very negative step.

Anonymous said...

Sir, Who bear the election expenses of Neta's & Political Parties? This is key question. Unless this transparency comes there will be no major breakthrough in people's lives. Neta's will execute minor schemes for people to show-off but mainly they will work for themselves and their godfathers/sponsors/ financers.
Secondly India is parliamentary democracy ( is form of representative democracy) & not a presidential democracy. So people should choose their appropriate Member of Parliament. Hence avoid using BJP/Modi vs who.

Unknown said...

Excellent blog Sir,We have fallen into typecasting other person as fair if his views match ours and a Dalal if his views are in sync with what we think...By far you have been very objective in your analysis ...I shall give another chance to present regime.

Unknown said...

What an idiotic comment and utterly prejudiced. Get your facts cleared first...

Unknown said...

5years of BJP have witnessed economic deterioration,undermining of judicial autonomy,status quo on corruption & unprecedented abuse of constitutional values;reasons it's seeking votes for martyrs rather than any achievement.

Anonymous said...

Mayank, Social fabric is on a downward spiral all over the world. It is because people are waking up. Same is happening in India. Nothing to do with Modi.

You are a Anti-Hindu and Anti-Modi but after you left AAP it has reduced.

Ritz said...


Your comments on political culture and social fabric is completely biased.

You say institutions have been misuse and abused and minority are under threat??

What kind of insane comments are these?

You are no proofs on both the accusations and are only blabbering like other $ickular ppl who talk rubbish.

If you dont have geniune and correct data, then humbly dont throw unsubstantiated accusations.