Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fighting allegations

Someone added me to a email list and the moderator of this list, Ajay Dixit made a comment that I had mafia links. This is my reply to him, you might like to read it
"I wish Ajay Dixit explains his comment about my mafia links with truth and evidence and not some links and innuedos. We have all left our lives, comfortable jobs, families aside to fight for the nation against corruption. Do you think that someone who has a questionable past would take on the fight against the corrupt?
But one of the side effects of entering public life, are people like Ajay Dixit and his ilk. Initially, when I heard these unsubstantiated and cheap allegations against me, I felt like just quitting and going back to my cushy job - which I had quit on 12th august 2011, to fight the war for my nation. The negativity, the cheapness and the levels to which these accusers can go to filled my days and nights with questions and negativity. Prior to joining IAC, I was deep into spiritual search. Positivity and peace of mind were the effects of those meditational and blissful years.Some of my writings on spirituality can be found at
When Arvind asked me to take part in the IAC movement in Jan 2011, I decided to take a sabbatical from my activities and work for the movement. One of the primary reason was selfish. I felt that only when "What you think, what you say and what you do are aligned", do you achieve completeness, otherwise one is fractured from within. Having been exposed to the Indian knowledge system (meditation, yoga, ayurveda, astrology etc), I felt that it was the best civilizational ethos with one of the best conflict resolution systems and a holistic world view, and that this thought process based on knowledge, science and understanding should be the intellectual "jagat guru". Understanding that India can be the only "laboratory" of this knowledge system, it is extremely critical to make it a successful and prosperous nation. Therefore, when I think of the nation and what should be done to improve it, it was imperative that to become complete, I had to do what I believed in, even at the risk of destabilizing my life and exposing myself to people like Ajay Dixit.
I took up a job in 2006 end with my uncle's construction company to propagate his NGO "Remaking of Mumbai Federation" working as its secretary to plan an integrated, holistic redeveloped city to save the lives of lakhs of people living in over 20000 old and dilapidated buildings of south Mumbai. Unfortunately, my uncle died in March 2010 and the entire plan collapsed. I quit my job in Aug 2011, to fight for the nation, leaving aside my peace of mind and encountering a world which I never new - in which there would be people like Ajay Dixit whose only business is to throw muck. When the unfounded allegations against me surfaced by a RTI activist giving some interview to Mumbai Mirror, I tried to put the facts by writing a blog But the innuedoes, dark whispers, trolling by BJP supporters and Ajay Dixits of the world is taking its toll. I insisted that my name be cleared by putting my case before some of the best judges i.e. Internal Lokpal.
I am asking myself again and again, whether anything is worth this kind of negativity, whether I should go back to my earlier ways. My peace of mind is being affected. But, on the other side, i have never been a quitter. If I quit now, I would let down lakhs of people who have given so much love and respect. The last two years have been tumultous. On one side are these Ajay Dixits (a handful) and on the other lakhs of wonderful people who have given so much for others, for society and for the nation. So, like a pendulum moving from one side "Brahma or God" to "Maya or worldy affairs", I keep on oscillating. But, the pull of doing the right thing keeps me on the track of working nevertheless.
May I request Ajay Dixit (or whatever his real name is) to remove me from this hacked list. You are welcome to write any nonsense that you wish about me. God bless you."


Pradip Doshi. said...

Satva gun in a person is topping other gunas when you practice spirituality or it's vice versa. When you practice politics, Rajas gun tops other guns. When one practices, spirituality, the gimmicks no where exist whereas politics is nothing but gimmicks. Promote the ones who support your wrongs and avoid one who show you, your faults. Project un-truth as truth etc are gimmicks. If one can practices social service viz. service to human beings etc. without gimmicks, it's Karma Yog. You yourself can judge what you are.

Meenal Kelkar said...

Satya MeV Jayate !
Ignore these petty non-entities , there are thousands of silent supporters too ,you are not aware of.
A new India is taking shape only because of you & your team's sacrifices .

Arun said...

Yes, Ignore! Dont put any efforts into replying or conveying about yourself. People who have faith in you, anyway will trust you. In my opinion you are answerable only to your followers, who believes in you. Leave these "busy" people to their ill fate.

Rajendar Menen said...

What you, Arvind and the others are doing is admirable. But it is also important to be 'shrewd' in this fight. India is extremely complicated and lives in different eras. There is diversity every inch of the way. India is also extremely corrupt. There may not be a single Indian who hasn't paid in black or paid a bribe or accepted one as the system works in a certain way. Even to get a ticket for a film one may have to pay in black. And that is also corruption!

Considering all this, I suggest you and the others stop attacking all and sundry. You will ultimately be left friendless, and your enemies will gang up against you. The fight will be lost before it even gets anywhere.

I may be wrong, but I see no strategy in your attacks. To effect constitutional change you need to be a part of the decision making process. To do that, you have to be a part of the electoral process. When you do that, you also become corrupt like the man who bought a ticket for a film in the black market!

About the allegations against you, forget them. That is part of the package. Instead, work on an electoral strategy. Also, take an issue till justice is meted out. Making allegations and moving on is of no use. We all know India is corrupt; the whole world knows it. What's new???

Jai Hind!!

Sujata Vaidya said...

There will always be people like Ajay ..... for vested interests, they prefer to close their eyes to what corruption is doing to the common man;
you have to keep your mind open; as you are doing ...
I will pray specially for yu Mayank, and others who have the courage to do what you ARE doing, that you have the strength, courage and peace of mind to carry on.

Anonymous said...

Since you have taken the plunge in activism/politics you will have to go thru the seasoning process. Just like you guys are making allegations, allegations will be made against you. The difference is you know you are innocent and they know they are not. Their conscience will be dark and cloudy and full of guilt and fear, but your conscience will be bright and clear.
They will be living in a hell, and out of anger and hatred they will try to create a hell for you too. Thats the fight between good and evil.
Fighting with the evil in our society is also the job of a spiritual warrior. Observe that, all our Gods and Goddesses are laden with weapons.
Perhaps this is what God wants you to do and you were in training until now so that you could take on the evil.
At the end we just need to remember that Ajay Dixit is just a pawn in the hands of evil powers such as Greed, Hatred, Fear, Anger and so on. May God give Ajay some widom to realize it and power to you to face these attacks.
Aum Shanti Shanti

dr bishal sharma said...

These people like ajay gives us the assurance that we r in right path as cheap people like him r there to pull our legs. . Its testing time for us. . But we won't quit we will grow together

OP Monga said...

Dear Mayank,
You don't need to waste words and time replying any Tom Dick and Harry,just ignore and don't raise your BP.
Nation Building is a bit more complicated than buildings of brick and mortar, I am more familiar with,but I know for sure building or creating is not easy. It makes you thick skinned
Keep going ahead,count on well wishers and followers
,ignore detractors.
OP Monga

OP Monga said...

Dear Mayank,
You don't need to waste words and time replying any Tom Dick and Harry,just ignore and don't raise your BP.
Nation Building is a bit more complicated than buildings of brick and mortar, I am more familiar with,but I know for sure building or creating is not easy. It makes you thick skinned
Keep going ahead,count on well wishers and followers
,ignore detractors.
OP Monga

DS said...

Mayank ji:
Please don't pay any attention to what people say on the internet as anybody can say or write anything on the internet. It is some thing very useful and it could be something very damaging and a waste of time.

Unknown said...

Hi Mayank

It is a pity that nowadays everyone considers himself to be wise and perfect. This ego overpowers the person so much that they cannot differentiate between correct and wrong.

It is said in Bhagavad Gita 18.32 that intellect which sees adharma as dharma and all other things upside-down, that intelligence is wrapped in ignorance and tamasic.

Mayank, kindly ignore people like Ajay who do not know what they are doing. These people are fighting against themselves by becoming impediments in the path of improvement and revolution.

May God Bless you and give you courage, forbearance, wisdom and equanimity to reach the state of sthithpragnya... freedom from pair of opposites.

sincere regards to entire IAC and yourself in particular
Sunil Rathi

Tranquil said...

Mayank, Sri Sri has said that the way to a better society is through politics. As he said, there was politics among the followers of Buddha, there was politics amongst Christ's disciples, Krishna was a deeply political figure.
We need keep in mind only a few things - respect for diversity of opinion, and clean accounting. That will keep us strong and healthy. Best,Prabha

Bharat said...


Ignore these kind of people; yes, at times you may need to reply them.. there is a very beautiful article by one Mr. Radhakrishnan in today's (19/11/12) DNA.This article shows that a huge number of people are behind you,Arvind and this movement.
As he has rightly said, we all citizens need to be extremely supportive of the movement. We all know that when such innuendos are made, they are made by vested interests. May Almighty bless you & the movement..

Anonymous said...

If you are going to resign for stupid and insane comments like that then you wont last long this in this battle sir.

Please be brave and ignore such idiots.The fact that you glorified such a childish prank with a reply on your blog diappoints us.


Anonymous said...

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Rajendra Pratap Gupta said...

Dear Mayank ji,

The issue of fighting allegations reminds me of one interesting quote.

"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people."

Let others not decide your agenda by such 'craftily planted distractions'

You are doing great public service, and this will certainly get some 'failed people' come up with such antics

Best regards


Anonymous said...

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